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Riccardo Cervini

Riccardo Cervini founded Dominion Expediting and Consulting, a company dedicated to providing efficient services for residential and commercial sectors in New York City, Long Island, and Upstate New York. Since 2012, the business has been known for its proficiency in building/zoning code consulting and municipal permit expediting. With such expertise, many people turn to an expeditor – a mediator between property owners and the Department of Buildings (DOB) – to facilitate renovations such as changes in living spaces, additions or extensions, increasing existing structures’ size, combining disparate apartments into single units, extra bathrooms installation, and conversion from residential to commercial use. Any plumbing or electrical work that requires permits gains additional benefit from the help of an expeditor.

Meanwhile, for new builds that require numerous permits, which require knowledge about city building codes and visa requirements for completion – success ultimately calls for experienced guidance. Dominion Expediting & Consulting provides unwavering support to streamline this process of filing applications. Their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) awarded since 2017 shows their dedication to offering quality services while reducing the burdens associated with complicated procedures. Moreover, Cervini’s Class 2 certification surpasses most other expeditors who only have Class 1 qualifications giving him greater flexibility when dealing with plan examiners and technical staff, so approvals are swiftly obtained without any complaints, per BBB records. Finally, Dominion keeps updated on relevant changes occurring locally or nationally to remain abreast of any new regulations or demanding requirements. Their mission is to provide answers quickly so buildings can be occupied in no time.

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